jay-sideEven before Jason was a teenager, his love for music began to turn into a passion to create and play. By the time he was 15, Jason had a guitar in hand and was learning everything he could. He was drawn to very heavy music and preferred tight intricate rhythms. His determination gave him a very precise style long before he had ever played in a band.

In late 2004 Jason met Mark and Trevor and after exchanging demo CDs they talked at length about the vision and drive for music that would be unique in the scene of cookie cutter bands.
In early 2005 Jason auditioned to play guitar for the band that later became Death & Desire. That day something just didn’t click and Jason returned to Florida. In the Winter of 2005 Jason was contacted by Mark with a strange request. Death & Desire was in need of a bass player and the only person that had come to mind was Jason. Little known to Mark, Jason was a very accomplished bass player and within 6 days moved to Kansas City to take his position as 1/3 of Death & Desire.jason

His performance style sonically and visually gives the band a power and intensity that can only be found in the combination of guys that make up Death & Desire

Trevor LaChapelle Vocals/Guitars Mark McDowell Drums/Vocals Jason DeWalt Bass/Vocals