Formed in early 2006 and jumping straight into 3 club tours in Australia in 12 months as well as a club tour in the UK, Death & Desire has been deadly serious about their live performances from the beginning. Extensive promotion and radio support for some early demos led to a contract with indy label Kikstart Records a few years later. Unfortunately some external corruption and theft pulled the rug out from underneath KikStart, and the band made the choice to finish their full length debut themselves.

Armed with the same work ethic and intensity they apply to their live shows, and the formidable production expertise of Trevor LaChapelle, they created an album with depth and engagement. It’s one that plays well as singles, with 2 or 3 very strong radio rock songs, but it also steers the listener back to the lost concept of listening to a full album. The Army Marches is expected to perform well in most rock radio markets. The band didn’t take any breaks after finishing the mixing and mastering process, but jumped right into filming a music video for their first single, “The Let Down.” The album was released March of 2012.

Bill Wald

Bass & BGVs

Bill is a bass playing machine. Having played the bass for most of his life, the instrument has become an extension of his heart and mind. A…